What We’re All About...

At Truleaf we like to be different

Our vision is to create a unique, sustainable way to grow nutritional microgreens. Truleaf farm is situated at the source of the River Stour on the edge of the Cotswolds. We grow our greens naturally, without the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals and in soil based, peat free substrates. We use fully compostable packaging and labelling and are mindful of minimising the environmental impact of our distribution wherever possible. Furthermore, the energy consumed while growing and producing the microgreens is produced by an anaerobic digestion plant onsite. These values ensure we create sustainable, healthy and planet friendly food.

What we’re growing?

We are growing a number of varieties with a wide spectrum of flavours which add an extra element or are the main ingredient to any dish; our little rock stars are often the headline act rather than the backing vocals. We are currently growing pea, sunflower, mustard, pink kale, rocket, radish, as well as many micro herbs such as amaranth, coriander, sorrel to name a few. These offer a wide range of flavours from sweet and subtle through to intense and spicy. We don’t stand still; we’re constantly developing, offering new varieties and flavour profiles coming on stream regularly. We work directly with chefs to inspire them and delight their customers.

What are microgreens

Packed with nutrients Micro greens are the first shoots of vegetables, herbs and flowers harvested at a very early stage. At Truleaf we typically harvest around two weeks post germination, just after the first leaves have developed and when they are bursting with goodness. With love and attention, we are able to create something that not only looks great but also tastes fantastic.

Who are we growing for

We sell to restaurants and catering companies throughout the region working with chefs to help place these mighty shoots as the star attraction on the plate celebrating the full potential of their visual and taste sensations. We also sell through carefully selected retailers that share our passion in looking at more sustainable and healthy food production methods.

Growing passion

Please click the images to see our little friends in their glory.

Who are we


James and Chris, the founders of Truleaf Farm bring with them a mix of the latest agricultural and food production knowledge and techniques together with a passion for caring for the environment we all live in.

We believe in a collective responsibility of trying to make the world a better place through the way we live as humans and the impact on the world around us for future generations.

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What’s New

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Ongoing Discovery

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. Ongoing communication with the chefs we work with drives our business and its their creativity and passion that inspires and motivates us to continually shape and refine what we do. But it’s not all one way. We love to inspire them too by bringing new produce to help stimulate their creativity and generate fresh ideas. Every day is an exciting one at Truleaf…


Truleaf Farm micro greens on sale in Oxfordshire

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Get in touch

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