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At Truleaf we like to be different

Growing micro greens is a lot of fun and anyone can grow them on a small scale at home, anywhere with a little light and warmth.

So, we’ve put together some Grow Your Own kits of 3 of our favourite micro greens used in our salad mixes to allow you to do just this – Pea, Radish and Sunflower. All packed with micro green nutrients.

Of course, in line with our Truleaf philosophy we’ve put them together with minimal waste and sustainability at front of mind. Everything you need is contained within the kits along with full instructions. Just add water.

What’s more the packaging box itself is used as a tub to grow the greens.

Once you’re done and harvested your tasty treats everything is fully compostable so needless waste and definitely NO PLASTIC!

Simply choose your variety by clicking the link below and we’ll have your kit to you within 5 days and ready to grow your first crop within 2 weeks.

Free Mainland UK Delivery.

Growing can be fun

Truleaf Grow your own

Choose your variety by clicking the link below

Tendril Pea

Pea Microgreen from Truleaf

Peas are an old favourite of ours. Many a chef use them both as a garnish as well as with salad mixes. Beautifully sweet and tender, raw stir fried or steamed, they are guaranteed to delight and an innovative and healthy alternative to conventional peas.

1 box £14.95


Rioja Radish

Radish Microgreen from Truleaf

Deep red, hot and fiery, these little devils are great alongside seafood, chopped into to spice up salads or just try inside some fresh bread and your favourite hunk of tasty cheddar.

1 box £14.95



Sunflower Microgreen from Truleaf

Wow, not only do these little fellows taste great in salads try throwing them in a wok for 30 seconds with one of your favourite recipes as a really healthy delicious and gluten free alternative to noodles. So tasty and succulent!

1 box £14.95



Once you’ve got your kit and grown your first crop, click on a link below to order more seeds. All you’ll need to do is source your own compost, available from all garden stores – preferably peat free please! Then follow the instructions and hey presto off you go again…

Truleaf TOP UP kits - Pea

Pea £3 - Price includes Post and Packaging

Truleaf TOP UP kits - Radish

Radish £3 - Price includes Post and Packaging

Truleaf TOP UP kits - Sunflower

Sunflower £3 - Price includes Post and Packaging

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